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Most couples hope the marriage is successful and does not end in divorce – but not every marriage leads to a “happily ever after.” If you and your spouse can no longer make things work, it is essential to hire an experienced divorce attorney to handle your case so you can dissolve your marriage as smoothly as possible.

At the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, P.C., our compassionate Fairless Hills divorce attorney is dedicated to helping clients navigate this process and can provide the sound legal advice you need during this difficult time. Founding attorney Sheryl R. Rentz is a highly respected divorce lawyer who has been helping parents and children in Pennsylvania for over 25 years. She was selected as a Top Attorney by Suburban Life Magazine and has a Superb rating from Avvo.

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Key Issues in a Divorce

In a divorce, spouses must resolve several legal matters before the marriage can be effectively dissolved. If both spouses agree on each of these issues, it could move forward as an uncontested divorce, which is a much faster process. If they disagree on even a single matter, the divorce will be contested, and it will require more time to finalize. These are the key issues involved in a divorce:

  • Asset and debt division
  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support

Each of these matters could be a major challenge to resolve, which is why it is essential to hire an experienced Bucks County divorce lawyer to get through it.

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What Are the Fault Grounds for Divorce in Pennsylvania?

There are numerous fault grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania, including abandonment for at least a year, institutionalization, cruel and barbarous treatment, incarceration for two or more years, bigamy, and adultery.

Pennsylvania also offers no-fault divorce. If you opt for a no-fault divorce, you simply need to state that your marriage is irretrievably broken and cannot be repaired.

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What You Should Prepare for Your Fairless Hills Attorney

The more prepared you are for your meeting with your divorce attorney, the more productive your time with them will be. Some of the information you should have prepared includes:

  • Marriage documents, including a copy of your marriage certificate
  • Documents regarding both marital and personal property, such as a prenuptial agreement
  • Documents that could help determine alimony, such as tax returns, employment records, and pay stubs
  • Mortgage documents and leases
  • Any evidence of bad acts your spouse committed in the marriage, such as domestic violence
  • Any documents that were already filed in the divorce

Preparing as much pertinent information as possible before meeting with your attorney can be incredibly helpful in moving your case forward.

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How a Fairless Hills Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

An experienced divorce lawyer can play an invaluable role in dissolving your marriage, especially if your situation is particularly contentious. If your spouse handled the household’s finances almost exclusively, you may not know much about your assets and debts. Your attorney could locate all assets and liabilities and ultimately help you achieve a fair resolution.

If you and your spouse owe a lot of debt, your attorney could devise a repayment plan and strategies to protect you from any debts attributed to your spouse. In cases where spouses share children, an attorney’s guidance could be vital in creating a custody plan that best suits their needs.

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Let Our Fairless Hills Divorce Team Help You

If you are ending your marriage, hiring skilled legal counsel to handle your case could not be more important. At the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, P.C., our Fairless Hills divorce team is prepared to provide you with the compassionate legal support you need.

You can rely on us to guide you through every step of your divorce. Call us today at (610) 645-0100 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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