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Pennsylvania Family Law Overview

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parents and young kidsDealing with divorce and other family legal procedures can be one of the most delicate and difficult affairs to go through in life. Contentious arguments driven by high emotion are not uncommon since disputing parties often have a history of intimacy. Also, the issues which family law deals with all have important implications for the future of everyone involved. However, family legal procedures that are defined by contentiousness alone can become extremely taxing, both financially and emotionally. A dependable family law attorney should be able to resolve a client’s family law issues in a clean and efficient manner, sparing spouses, children, and other family members from exorbitant expenses and emotional trauma.

At the Law Offices of Sheryl R. Rentz, our compassionate and experienced family law attorneys have practiced in the field for many years, achieving successful case results and establishing a reputation for success. We believe that communication is an essential component of quality legal representation; in other words, we make sure to listen to our clients and prioritize their goals and desires. If you have any questions regarding your case or why you should hire a Pennsylvania family law attorney, please call us today at (610) 645-0100 or (866) 290-9292.

Pennsylvania Family Law and Financial Concerns

Divorce involves plenty of financial considerations, including alimony, support, asset division, and more. Only an attorney with a nuanced understanding of divorce law and its many statutes can ensure that you retain a secure financial future by assisting you with complex paperwork and negotiations. If you do not receive a fair ruling in this step of the divorce process, you may have a much tougher time moving forward. It’s absolutely vital that you protect your rights and get your fair share in order to avoid painful financial struggles later on.

Maintaining Your Relationship with Your Children

There is nothing more important to a parent than his or her child. That is why child custody and visitation are perhaps the touchiest subjects in family legal proceedings. The opposing spouse may try to wrest away from you time with your child and your influence over his or her development, whether due to the belief that he or she alone knows what’s best for the child or perhaps just plain personal resentment. Ideally, your relationship with your former spouse would have no effect on your relationship with your children, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. A reliable attorney will do their best to make sure you get enough face time with your children and also maintain some control over their upbringing.

Seeking Peaceful Resolutions When Possible and Fighting Hard When Necessary

Not all family law cases have to go to court. In fact, mediation, or resolution through outside negotiation, is much preferable to litigation. Litigation generally is much more costly and stressful. Our attorneys are trained in mediation and can help you resolve your case in conjunction with the opposing attorneys. While mediation is a great alternative, it is not always an option. Sometimes, disputes cannot be resolved between spouses, no matter what terms are presented by either side. Our attorneys do not shy away from the challenges presented in the courtroom. On the contrary, we are ready and willing to take on the toughest issues on behalf of our clients.

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